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Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado is a mexican fine artist who creates canvas full of emotions, light, mystery and color.  His style, for some reason, reminds me the art of Van Gogh.

He was born on September 8, 1976, originally from Torreon, Coahuila Mexico. Started in the arts at a very early age, taking drawing and painting classes at several art schools around his home town. Studied Graphic Design at ISCYTAC-La Salle University in Gomez Palacio, Durango. And later studied Illustration/Animation at the Academy of Art University.

Worked for many years in theater, where he was in charge of the set design and painting of many different plays and musicals. In 2010 he decided to start painting pictures and had his first exhibition ‘Reflejo de los Sueños’ in December of that year. Since then he has participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico and in the United States.

Alex Konahin is a Latvian graphic designer and illustrator who uses ink and sometimes his own blood to create this amazing and detailed artwork of insects and ornamented human organs.

Art of Alex Konahin is concerned with the world of science and magic. There is no border between magic and science. One can’t exist without the other like Black can’t exhist without White. In order to read black simbols, there should be white sheet. In order to see the light from the stars, there should be black night. Magic and science are two components always coming together. Theory of relativity. Theory comes from science, relativity is magic itself, because there is no precise definition of space, dimensions or reality in magic. Optical illusion. Optics is the branch of physics, illusion is aspect of magic. Sacred geometry is a path connecting science and magic”

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Last interview to Adolfo Couve


Adolfo Couve sabía que esta transcripción y edición de la conversación que tuviéramos hace más de un año en el programa “La Belleza de Pensar” de ARTV iba a ser publicada en “Artes y Letras”. Trabajé en ella en febrero; Adolfo me llamó para apurarme un poco. Estaba entusiasmado,

íbamos a trabajarla juntos, agregándole preguntas y respuestas sobre su último texto inédito “Cuando pienso en mi falta de cabeza”. Cuando terminé el texto, que es el que ustedes van a leer, lo llamé por teléfono a Cartagena y noté a Adolfo distante y reticente.

Couve desbordó los límites de la novela y entró en la poesía, que él admiraba con fervor.

Desbordó géneros y límites, que al final se hacen incómodos para los grandes; por eso escribió una novela tan breve “que no tenía lomo”, como decía él irónicamente a propósito de su último texto. Finalmente, quiso que esta entrevista se publicara, y por eso hay que hacerlo.

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Tom Whalen or better know as StrongStuff is a talented and accomplished illustrator from Pennsylvania, USA, who has made his career out of illustration for comics, posters, books, arts, movies, pop art, toy packaging and a lot more! I really love his propaganda style!

Check his site:

Alfons Maria Mucha (1860-1939) was a Czech Art Nouveau painter, illustrator and decorative artist. Apart from his exquisite and unique style, he designed many advertisements for magazines, postcards, book covers, jewellery, carpets, wallpaper and theater sets in that time. One interesting thing about his life is that he had great vocal skills that could have led him to a singing career, but instead, he decided to follow his childhood dream, drawing, a passion that he developed for the rest of his life.

He started painting theatrical scenery in his hometown Moravia and then he moved to Vienna to work in theatrical design, following at the same time studies of Fine Arts in Paris.

Most of his work featured beautiful young women in ethereal and neoclassical clothing, often surrounded by flowers, fruits, organic textures and halos.  Le Pater is maybe one of his masterpiece, but according to him, The Slav Epic was his life’s dream, a series of 20 huge paintings depicting the history of the Czech and Slavic people.

As you can notice, Mucha is one of my favorites painters. His work inspires me and helps me to work on mine.